[Tig] inexpensive cables.

Mark Wolforth mark at filmlight.ltd.uk
Tue Jan 23 01:26:40 GMT 2007

> The expensive cable is usually built much nicer than a "computer" cable, 
> but the digital signal usually does not care.

A couple of years ago I had reason to evaluate the signal transmission 
properties of DVI cables.  I built some hardware which could detect and 
record single bit errors in a DVI signal and ordered various cables from 
cheap to expensive.  The somewhat surprising finding was that many of 
the expensive, fancy looking cables were awful at passing the signal and 
produced lots of errors at the decoder.  A lot of the cheap cables were 
pretty bad too.  The hands down winner with perfect signal transmission 
was a decidedly ordinary beige cable from the low end of the price range.

Maybe the average computer user just doesn't notice the odd low level 
sparkle?  Certainly the average TV viewer won't.


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