[Tig] Mother F'in eavesdroppers on a plane...!

Jeff Heusser lists at neonmargarita.com
Fri Jan 26 18:21:15 GMT 2007

With all the Bose talk I thought I'd share a favorite headset of  
mine.  I have the Bose and use them at work when in shared rooms but  
find them too big and too much to bother with when traveling.  I love  
these little Sony in ear headphones (see link).  Cheap and the cable  
is short with an extenstion so they are great for an iPod with the  
short built in cable or for the seat jack on a plane with the  
extension.  They are not noise canceling but cut out the noise well  
as they fill the ear nicely.


I also enjoyed the thread names on this and the stories of projected  
film on planes.  I spent may years working TV remotes and used out of  
phase mics all the time in noisy environs like basketball courts to  
get the announcers clearer and cancel out crowd noise.

Jeff Heusser
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