[Tig] green cast in shadows on a LUT calibrated monitor

Bojan Mastilovic chili.styles at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 11:30:43 GMT 2007

is there a way to do a grading on a linear HDCAM SR files with the RSR
custom profile?
We now know that problem is in translation from HDCAM SR  to cineon.
What will happen if we use plain HDCAM sr files. Will the LUT still be
accurate as it is with LOG files?

On 1/30/07, Martin Parsons <martin-p at moving-picture.com> wrote:
> Bojan Mastilovic wrote:
> > We got the custom film profile from RSR and we are grading using a
> 3dcube
> > LUT. Problem is no matter what we do we have a green cast in shadows,
> and
> > that clearly is not something that is shoot on original film
> This sounds like it could be a problem with your monitor calibration.
> Have you chosen the correct monitor profile when making your 3D cube?
> (Your monitor profile is created when you calibrated your monitor with the
> Rising Sun cineProfiler tool - part of the cineSpace package.)
> The monitor may need recalibrating. Or the probe you are using for its
> calibration may be skewed when reading the dark calibration patches. I'd
> try
> another probe.
> You can ask Rising Sun directly at cinespace-support at risingsunresearch.com
> They are always really helpful
> Regards
> Martin
> London

Bojan Mastilovic
Restart Production

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