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Bob Currier rcurrier at synthetic-ap.com
Tue Jul 3 17:39:09 BST 2007

On Mon, Jul 2, 2007 10:34 AM, Ken Robinson <ken at flight4.org> wrote:

>Do most Aunty Millie's like their oversaturated blue look?

I remember reading (sorry, can't find a link) that when faced with the
giant wall o' TVs in a store, people naturally tend to choose whichever
screen is brightest.

Back in the day, Sony's Trinitron sets were taking over, at least partly
because simple physics says you can get more electrons through a slot
than a hole--thus the Trinitrons were inherently brighter.

The shadow-mask people couldn't crank the beam current up any more (X-
ray emissions become a problem) and phosphors were about as efficient as
they could make them, so their only recourse was to shift the color
temperature. We perceive a 9300K picture to be brighter than the same
picture at 6500K.

Of course, once they started this they couldn't stop, and Sony quickly
played the same game. Then computer monitors followed the same path. At
least most TVs now have a setting for color temperature so we at least
have a choice.

(Heh. "The Shadow Mask People" sounds like something you use to frighten
little kids into behaving.)

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