[Tig] 6500 v 9300

Alex Pimentel alex at diana.com.br
Wed Jul 4 23:55:53 BST 2007

Not to mention that all plasmas and lcd buyers keep the set in the 16x9 
a 4x3 free to air transmission. Suddenly all people now are fatter and 

Alex Pimentel
Casablanca Finish

>>I just walked into chain supermarket here and promptly see 30 - 50 tv's 
>>to 9300k and another 25 set to 6500k
>>Is this going on all over the world now?

>Yes, and worse. Some sets actually have a "store demo" mode which cranks

>Recent statistics indicate that well over 50% of the people buying HD 
>sets in the last year believe they're seeing everything in HD because they
>bought the set, for example. Additionally, more than half that same group 
>buyers had no HD source whatsoever.

>Or are tv's bought because how they fit in with the furniture?

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