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Sat Jul 7 22:46:14 BST 2007

In a message dated 7/7/07 9:55:01 PM, rob at colorist.org writes:

> you know I was on staff there for a couple of years?  Sysadm for the 
> 3D film lab, under Michael Scroggins

That's why I mentioned it. While I liked Michael Scroggins personally, I 
found his repeated modus of picking out female undergrads to be his... companions, 
while I'm sure not unusual for academia, rather repulsive. I gave up on the 
film school after BFA and went to Art, after which a lot of the film school 
faculty basically shunned me - students were supposed to move the other 
direction. Whatever.

Tim Sassoon
SFD vfx & creative post
Santa Monica, CA

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