[Tig] mistake in wikipedia?

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Sat Jul 14 02:55:06 BST 2007

There seems to be a mistake in the Wikipedia entry on Color grading

where this paragraph is written, defining the Kinescope as "the  
device on which a film image was transferred to video."  If someone  
here has an account on Wikipedia and would like to submit the  
edit ... or tell me that Kinescopes can also be telecines...

-----from the URL above:

Main article: Telecine
and Telecine Controllers
With the advent of television, broadcasters quickly realized the  
limitations of live broadcasts and they turned to utilizing film  
transferred to video to broadcast already produced movies as well as  
photographing new shows that could then be aired at different times  
in different time zones. The heart of the system was the Kinescope,  
the device on which a film image was transferred to video.[1]

-----end section from Wikipedia.  The footnote [1] refers to George  
Cvjetnicanin's and Richard H. Kallenberger's 1994 book "Film into  

----there is another reference that I'm wondering about: "Color  
correction control systems started with the Rank Cintel TOPSY  
(Telecine Operations Programming System) in 1978.[1]" Didn't the  
Dubner color corrector predate TOPSY?  perhaps not.  And Dubner  
didn't actually "control" the film chain or telecine if the transport  
is included.  The second [1] footnote is ibid.

Rob Lingelbach
rob at calarts.edu

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