[Tig] mistake in wikipedia?

Kevin Shaw kevs at finalcolor.com
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> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_grading#_note-filmintovideo

I changed the wikipedia entry with a quick fix, but I am unsure about the
early description of a telecine.

The article says that the early telecines were
>a film projector connected to a video camera

But I thought they were already using flying spot machines by the time
television was broadcast to the public. Maybe it is a US vs UK difference?

Anybody know more about the what went on?

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> Subject: [Tig] mistake in wikipedia?
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> There seems to be a mistake in the Wikipedia entry on Color grading
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_grading#_note-filmintovideo
> where this paragraph is written, defining the Kinescope as "the
> device on which a film image was transferred to video."  If someone
> here has an account on Wikipedia and would like to submit the
> edit ... or tell me that Kinescopes can also be telecines...
> -----from the URL above:
> Telecine
> Main article: Telecine
> and Telecine Controllers
> With the advent of television, broadcasters quickly realized the
> limitations of live broadcasts and they turned to utilizing film
> transferred to video to broadcast already produced movies as well as
> photographing new shows that could then be aired at different times
> in different time zones. The heart of the system was the Kinescope,
> the device on which a film image was transferred to video.[1]
> -----end section from Wikipedia.  The footnote [1] refers to George
> Cvjetnicanin's and Richard H. Kallenberger's 1994 book "Film into
> Video:..."
> ----there is another reference that I'm wondering about: "Color
> correction control systems started with the Rank Cintel TOPSY
> (Telecine Operations Programming System) in 1978.[1]" Didn't the
> Dubner color corrector predate TOPSY?  perhaps not.  And Dubner
> didn't actually "control" the film chain or telecine if the transport
> is included.  The second [1] footnote is ibid.
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