[Tig] mistake in wikipedia?

Jeff Kreines jeffkreines at mindspring.com
Sat Jul 14 19:54:27 BST 2007

On Jul 14, 2007, at 11:16 AM, Graham Collett wrote:

> Mr Google says that RCA had a tk20 in the 40's that was
> an Iconoscope model and only b/w  .. I bet that's a fancy word for a
> tube camera.

Iconoscopes were pickup tubes used before Image Orthicons, very  
elegant tube with a large (nearly 4x5") photosite --  scanned from an  
angle.  Iconoscopes needed a lot of light, but the large area meant a  
film chain could be built that simply aimed a projector at the tube  
-- quite pure.

I may have a photo of one I could send -- RCA TP6 and the Iconoscope  
on wheels.

There were also flying spot devices in the US used mostly for graphic  
cards.  I have a manual somewhere that I got on eBay (why???) for one  
of these.

And let us not forget Kodak's Super 8 device from about 1972 -- the  
Videoplayer.  Took S8 film and spit out low-res composite video.   
Flying spot, and pretty cheap.  We had one at MIT...  but it wasn't  
as good as using a S8 telecine projector on a film chain.

Sarkes Tarzian also made some bizarre color film chain cameras that  
were upgradable from monochrome to color by just adding tubes and a  
prism -- there's a brochure somewhere on the internet.

Perhaps the TIG should do a serious history of telecine wiki?

Jeff "loves this old stuff and has some early books about it" Kreines

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