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>(wasn't it Pietro Vlahos [i might be wrong])

It was Petro. On the front panel of every Ultimatte IV made, it said
"Ultimatte IV by Petro Vlahos."

>and Ultimatte was a sequel to ImageMatte,

I don't know ImageMatte. First unit of this type I worked with was at Editel
L.A. called R-Matte, designed by Jim Mandrella, several years before Petro
showed me the first Ultimatte prototype in 1977. 

>which was a sequel to NewsMatte.

The Newsmatte was actually the lower cost "all-in-one" Ultimatte which came
later. It was much simplified over the Ultimatte IV (which needed a sync gen
and encoder to work), took RGB and composite from the camera, composite from
the background source, and put out a composite, err, composite. Followed by
the Newsmatte 2, then the Ultimatte 300, all with the same basic "all-in-one"

>The first Ultimatte that I used was the III I believe, the IV being not a very
>good improvement; 

The first commercially available analog unit was the IV, the one with the
silver front panel and lots of knobs and switches. Toward the end of product
life there was even an HD version of it (I still have that one, and it still
works). A pretty good box, especially considering the time (1978). This was
followed by the V, which introduced the two-piece (base and remote) concept,
and was an absolute nightmare. Then the 6.

>the 6 as I remember though was perhaps the peak of the hardware-based systems?

It was the peak (and the last) of the analog systems.  I loved that box but it
was enormous and WAY over designed. The current model 11, which started
shipping around March of this year, and is dual SD/HD capable, is the best box
they've ever made in terms of subtle edge detection and flare reduction
algorithms, among other things.


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