[Tig] OT--Quad tape transfers in Thailand--Anyone have sources, ideas?

Ted Langdell ted at tedlangdell.com
Wed Jul 25 02:18:19 BST 2007

Hi, Tiggers...

Hope your Tuesday/Wednesday is going well.

Trying to help someone posting to another list from an ad agency in  
Bangkok, Thailand who is trying to find a way to transfer a Thai  
television station's Quad and 1" Type C tapes for use in developing a  
station retrospective going back 40 or more years.

David Crosthwait, Don Norwood, Grace McKay, Tony at TQ Video in the  
UK have offered suggestions via the other list regarding the  
gentleman's thought about obtaining and using (a) Quad deck(s) to do  
the job.

The television station in question has a broken one. (No idea re:  
Make, Model, what's broken.)

There are said to be 50-100 or so Quad tapes. Betacam SP and Digital  
Betacam have been suggested as receiving media, also simultaneous  
uncompressed capture to hard drive for Non Linear Editing, saving a  
pass on the Quad tapes or a generation loss and time spent capturing  
from the dubs.

Thailand is PAL, now. Don't know whether it used another signal  
format ala the UK before PAL.

Anyone in that part of the world have some ideas... particularly  
about Quad dubbing facilities in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong or  
Austraila, New Zealand or Pacific Rim countries?

Or where working PAL Quad machines might be obtained?



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