[Tig] Dubner photo from BT

Robert Houllahan rob at cinelab.com
Tue Jul 31 21:04:19 BST 2007

O Rob, you are the living museum of telecine!
> Now, do you have an operation TK-28 and multiplexer too?  Anyone have
> pics of such a setup?


I actually have something somewhat similar for Super8/Reg8 but it is  
retired as we have just finished the 4th generation of our Super8 and  
Reg8 gates. Superspeed optics and a encoder and Skid plate made by a  
CnC shop up here in Mass that makes parts for the Space Station, etc.

It may be a museum but we crank out 10's of 1000's of feet of film  
every week here at Cinelab from 8mm to 35mm!

Corbitt was just here and I just finished up some more Tuneup/Mods of  
the Turbo/Copernicus which has almost all of Dave Walker's parts in  
it and a 10bit SDI Quattroscan, and more, the thing looks damn good  
and probably better than most URSA's out there if I may say so.....



Robert Houllahan
rob at cinelab.com
Vp Cinelab Inc.

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