[Tig] vtr comaptibilty ?

Bill Hogan billhogan1 at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 1 16:19:26 BST 2007

HI Bobby Jo:

I believe that a recording made on a 1700 will play on a 1200A but NOT 
on a 130.
This is because the 1700 has narrower heads for longer (double) play 
time from each
tape.  This is the same as the 1200 or 1400 VTR. But the earlier HD130 
had the
wider heads.

Regards, Bill Hogan

bob johanson wrote:
> Could anybody tell me if a recording made on a Panasonic AJHD 1700
> @ 1080i can be played on a Panasonic AJHD 1200A and or AJ-HD130?
> tia
> Bob Johanson
> NFL Films

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