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James Deluca James_Deluca at crestdigital.com
Fri Jun 1 23:40:01 BST 2007

I believe the SMPTE standard for the SDI interface spec is derived from
Sony's IC development. I do not recall any variations, but some early
8-bit D1 equipment on parallel connections gave unreliable results when
connected to the serializer outputs resulting in some deserializer
errors. Not sure if that relates to your problem, thou.

Replacements for the failure prone Sony SBX1601A serializer and SBX1602A
deserializer (all fail, not if but when) have been mentioned in the TIG
before. Link:

This British firm sels replacements (not cheap, but neither is a
replacement monitor.
As the monitoe is likely equipped with SDI inputs, you probably want the
We recently needed to replace a Sony chip in a TEK WFM601. 
The Oxychip worked, but only after a support call that required a
resister movement to a different pin. You may wish to call in advance to
see if they have experience with your monitor model.


Disclosure: I have no relation to the company, just a satisfied user.

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Hello Tiggers
I have a quick question about SDI protocol Last time Dave Corbitt was up
here we tried to hunt down a little problem and he mentioned that our
Copernicus CC was using the older 601 sdi standard making it slightly
incompatible with the newer SDI to YUV/Composite boxes from the likes of

What' s the deal? is there a newer chip to replace the older SDi
encoders? should I be using SDI to Parallel boxes I/O to the 4X4?

And we got a Ikegami TM-20-20R monitor which has a SDI card that does
not work is there a replacement for that sony SDi chip?

Thanks to all.

Robert Houllahan

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