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Dave Corbitt DCorbitt77 at comcast.net
Sat Jun 2 00:08:55 BST 2007

Re: different types of SD Digital video. The old SMPTE standard 
(S125M), allowed the V-bit  to go from 1 to 0 on
any of the lines 10 through 20.  Older digi-Beta (Sony) machines and 
Quantel eQ behave that way.
Some contemporary equipment will not properly process this older type 
of SD SDI and cause a vertical shift
of the video relative to blanking. Not all current hardware has a 
problem with older S125M. That was the original
message I probably didn't tell Robert fully when I saw him in 
Massachusetts. This is not a parallel vs serial problem,
but a V-bit placement problem.
I hope this helps.

Dave Corbitt

On Jun 1, 2007, at 6:40 PM, James Deluca wrote:
> Rob,
> I believe the SMPTE standard for the SDI interface spec is derived from
> Sony's IC development. I do not recall any variations, but some early
> 8-bit D1 equipment on parallel connections gave unreliable results when
> connected to the serializer outputs resulting in some deserializer
> errors. Not sure if that relates to your problem, thou.
> ...........
> James M. De Luca, Sr Video Engr.
> Crest Digital Media
> Hello Tiggers
> I have a quick question about SDI protocol Last time Dave Corbitt was 
> up
> here we tried to hunt down a little problem and he mentioned that our
> Copernicus CC was using the older 601 sdi standard making it slightly
> incompatible with the newer SDI to YUV/Composite boxes from the likes 
> of
> AJA.
> What' s the deal? is there a newer chip to replace the older SDi
> encoders? should I be using SDI to Parallel boxes I/O to the 4X4?
> And we got a Ikegami TM-20-20R monitor which has a SDI card that does
> not work is there a replacement for that sony SDi chip?
> Thanks to all.
> Robert Houllahan

Dave Corbitt
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