[Tig] Aaton and Sony Remote Contral Protocol

Liao Zhuodi liao.zd at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 01:28:47 BST 2007

Hi guys, 


this mismatch between our Sony HDcam and Aaton has been always fretting us
for around 3 years, Sony always permits us they will solve that soon, but,
their permits are forgotten too fast by them.


We use DaVinci2K and Spirit telcine a SD-SDI signal with timecode and
keycode images to our HDcam, and the timecode info is from the 'LTC out' of
the HDcam tape, the keycode information is generated by our Aaton. The
problem is, the really position recorded on HDcam is 4 frames lag behind the
timecode info displayed on the picture of the same position. We have our
Qubit ST HDD to simulate the VTR, which uses the Sony remote protocol, it
has 4 frame delay as also. Does anyone has the same situation as us? And How
do you resolve that? Thanks ahead.


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