[Tig] D2 lives !

James Deluca James_Deluca at crestdigital.com
Tue Jun 5 22:36:02 BST 2007

>>We had a setup that Post Perfect NY developed where we could digitally
copy from D2 to D2 with a cloning cable directly (like a digibeta)
  The machines were modded to take other than composite in!
Dany Editors', NY

FYI: The D2/D2 parallel cable "clone" dub (in UNITY) was truly lossless
as there is no compression in the digital path, while that is NOT true
in dubbing Digital Betacam recordings. (Be sure to set the TBC controls
to preset and have the 8/10 bit setting correct.)

All of our VPR-300 & 350 units came factory equipped with parallel ports
AND clone cables for audio & video (even if not equipped with the AES

Jim DeLuca
Crest Digital

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