[Tig] WEB Links For The New Workflow

Lorne Miess colourist at telus.net
Wed Jun 6 23:51:34 BST 2007


A few years ago a group of us put our heads together to get amass  
some web links to give to aspiring telecine assistants as a base for  
the information they need to know.

This included links for audio, video, control and time-code as well  
as some colour theory.  They would be able to get some fundamental  
information on telecine transfers.  Thanks to those who helped out.

Well jump ahead 4 years and the technology has changed.  File based  
telecine transfers and digital intermediate workflow have become a  
standard part of our operation and we have picked up on work-flows  
from the computer industry.  Would you like to get a list together of  
basic information your operators should know for file based scanning,  
non-linear colour correction and film out?  Maybe George  
Cvjetnicanin, Richard Kallenberger and Stuart Blake Jones can do an  
update to their book Film Into Video for Film Into Data.

Here's a couple of links to get the idea as a start.




thanks in advance

Lorne Miess
NWFX Vancouver

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