[Tig] Photosynth demo

Steven Bradford SBradford at collinscollege.edu
Thu Jun 7 20:07:10 BST 2007

 >>wouldnt be surprised if google earth incorporated this technology in
the next few years Cem Ozkilicci

Yes, in fact there is now a way to use Google's SketchUP 3D modeling
program in conjunction with Google Earth, great article about using it
on "24" to do storyboarding in a recent issue of Showreel magazine. I
would be surprised if Google isn't working on exactly the same thing as
this Microsoft technology demo.

There are so many many possiblities for this, including "archeological"
photo research. Think of the possiblities if people have all their old
photos going back decades scanned in. And then add face recognition.

Also of course, crime and terror fighting can find uses here. Whole new

Steven Bradford
School of Film, Director
Collins College
Tempe AZ

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