[Tig] Help! Connecting an FDGR to an FDL-60

Andreas Wideroe Andersen andreas-tig at smalfilm.no
Wed Jun 13 15:25:42 BST 2007

I have an FDGR (grainreducer - for those who can remember those 
boxes) that has been disconnected from our FDL-60 B1 for well over a 
year now and I'm trying to hook it up again to replace some bad store boards.

However, I'm having a hard time remembering how I hook it up and what 
jumpers to switch. I can't get the output picture to look right. 
Either I get a rolling black bar over the actual film or I get a 
image that looks like it's fading out to the right of the screen 
(gradient in purple and green).

Here's what I've done:
SCSI cable connected the FDGR and FDL-60.
Sync BNC cable between Sync in on the FDGR and J15 on the FDL-60. 
(Sync out on the FDGR is terminated)
Local connector on the FDGR to local "input" on the FDL-60
Remote connector on the FDGR to the remote controlpanel connector

On the FD 244.01 board I've switched jumper J13 to ON.
Jumper J2 on the same board: Should this be On or Off? I can't seem 
to find that in the manual.

Are there other boards I need to make jumper or switch changes to?

On the FDGR front and according to the manual, "grundstellung der 
schalter", the Bit exchange is: Off, Dig sawtooth: Off and Motion 
detection: On. Is this correct when the FDGR is enabled?

The manual is also in German which I'm having a hard time to 
understand... (been many years since I had German in school)

Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks! :-)

Best regards,
Andreas W. Andersen

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