[Tig] FC color 1.0

Greg D. gd.tk at comcast.net
Wed Jun 13 17:40:01 BST 2007

Anyone know who wrote the Color 1.0 manual that's currently available on the
Apple Website as the current manual for FC Suite 2.0's Color 1.0?
Just curious.  Just started reading it ahead of maybe getting my hands on
the software, and it's more descriptive/comprehensive than I thought it may
have been.

Also, anyone care to share their hardware setup for folks using FC's Color.
Primarily for DV or HDV source material.

I have no experience with the earlier Final Touch versions.  (always just a
davinci guy) I have now found some interest in checking out Color and I
maybe helping do some teaching using this soon to be prolifically available

It's indeed interesting to me to see our "secret" world of color becoming
more and more "mainstream," explained to the masses, further demystified,

I do know all the available toolsets for color correction/enhancement are
VERY different and all have their pluses and minuses.

-Greg Dildine
ensconced in the wonderful (ironically dark) world of color from '90-'04

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