[Tig] FC color 1.0

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Wed Jun 13 17:45:19 BST 2007

We Final Touch users have a general consensus that what the FCP  
client base is seeing as "Color 1.0" is approximately FT 2.8-something.

      They've attempted to off-load the scopes, gave us curve  
corrections up-front, and a more navigable timeline --for example,   
it used to be really difficult to sort out what keyframe belonged to  
what room, or even if you had any sometimes.  And it would prevent  
you from making any further changes, because its un-daVinci like in  
that you have to be parked directly on top of a keyframe to program  
it, rather than anywhere in an event... stuff like that...

      The user interface is a bit Shake-like, isn't it?  Especially  
in the ColorFX room.  Some history...  the app was originally  
designed for frame-sequence (dpx/cineon) work, and "pretty" wasn't on  
the agenda.  I suppose that's next.  But....   I dunno...   Shake has  
retreated from the public eye... Motion3 has some of its more  
attractive nodes, but someone here said that it just feels like a  
"dumbed-down" version of the app (Shake) that you should be using, if  
you really need control.  I hope that COLOR doesn't get "dumbed  
down"...  for that reason I'm keeping my original license of FT  
running on my backup system.  Spend enough time in the mine field and  
you just "get used to" not stepping on the ones you know are  
there...   ;)

   As far as really slow render times go...   it all depends on your  
system, specifically your GPU.  A MacBook Pro is guaranteed  
frustration.  The app takes steroid-enhanced muscle power.  Plain as  

      Simple possession (now that we're on drugs) of software does  
not constitute a colourgrade environment.  Probably 2% of the final  
hardware and environmental mix to make a business of it.

  Joe Owens
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