[Tig] Uncompressed HD data rate (was Re: what are we going to do (monitors)--Fox TV Station group in same boat)

Ted Langdell ted at tedlangdell.com
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On Mar 31, 2008, at 12:41 PM, Rob Lingelbach wrote:

> Hi Ted,
> I read the article you mentioned and found a few things surprising...

> reading in the same article that Fox needed 1.5Gigabits per second  
> for uncompressed HD, led me to research that a bit, and I couldn't  
> find a definitive answer.  Is the figure correct?   I did the math  
> and it seemed a low figure..  (could be I'm not introducing some  
> multiplier)

I think you're referring to the paragraph where Sinclair's DofE is  
talking about replacing routers and the need to have a 1.5Gb per  
second capacity.

SMPTE 292M standard has a total data rate of 1.485 Gb per second.   
This is 4:2:2 HD-DSI and uses RG-6 coax for transport.

SMPTE 372M is dual link 4:4:4, with total BW of 2.97 Gb per second.

There's a reference here that also extends into HDMI and its colorspace:


Hope this is helpful.  Shorter than my previous post!


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