[Tig] 5242 film stock question

Dominic Case cased at atlab.com.au
Wed Apr 2 07:21:32 BST 2008

>We've received rolls under 2000ft
>The length is indicated on the label, I started checking this after I ran
out of film on a 
>recorder job by about 20ft. 

Thanks for clarifying, Marc. That would just ruin your day!. I remember it
happening on a sound negative once too. 

Yes, the length is stated on the label - sometimes you'll see 2010 ft too.
But I think that in practice if you measure it, they are always a few feet
over, for what it's worth. Maybe not 20 ft though:-(   Same as a 450g jar of
jam usually has 460g in it, as the supplier can be prosecuted if there is
only 440g. (Even if you think you are buying a 500g jar!).

Dominic Case
Atlab Australia

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