[Tig] 5242 film stock question

Jim Mann jfmann at optonline.net
Wed Apr 2 07:32:51 BST 2008

Dominic case wrote:
>For polyester base(2242), the factor would be around 14, not 12. A 10"
>polyester roll would be (10x10 - 9) x 14, or 1274ft.

>I used to have a brass measuring stick which had a stud that located in the
>centre of the core, and was engraved in feet for a 2" core on one edge, for
>a 3" core on the other edge. It was very useful when I needed to know that
>sort of thing.

Why I am not surprised that Mr. Case actually has a formula for this! That's
great. Mr. Liao if this is more math than you wish to do, the measuring
stick that is described, is still available at: 

If you download the PDF catalog at the bottom and look on page 4, you will
see a picture. 

I have NO connection with Christys whatsoever. 

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