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The quaint Bolex graphic is the UK standard for a traffic camera (of  
which we have so many...).

Some of the speed cameras do still have film in them, I understand,  
rather than a digital camera with numberplate recognition. But the  
logo is quaint, by any standards.

Dick (who never exceeds the speed limit so has no need to worry about  
traffic cameras)


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On 3 Apr 2008, at 12:57, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
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this goes fairly far afield of our usual topics, but it's hard to  
resist.   There is a story in today's LA Times, about a new $50 fee  
for people driving certain large cars in central London, at the URL  
under this paragraph.  There is a photo accompanying the article, of a  
roadsign that may be used to indicate the new Green Zone of London.   
The roadsign has a symbol on it that at first glance, looks to me like  
a plumbing reducer, with dual 90-degree outlets offset.   However, it  
looks like it's supposed to be the symbol for a camera, though it  
looks to me like a Bolex, and they'll have to rush the small film  
loads to the lab and reload the camera very quickly.


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