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> Recently I noticed some rather nasty looking compression artifacts on a 
> D5 tape.  The compression appeared as large digital blocks in the 
> darkest parts of the image. One shot that looked particularly bad was 
> of a star field.  Around some of the more faint stars blocking was 
> apparent.  I had to turn the brightness up a bit on the monitor to see 
> it but it was definitely there.  The source was an HDCAMSR 4:4:4 which 
> looked clean.  I know the compression rate is lower in HDCAMSR but I 
> was surprised at how bad the D5 looked.  Has anyone else noticed this?
> Mark


How did the channel conditions look at the time of the blocking? It is not 
unusual to occur in D5, and could be recorded in that way without a channel 
condition error indication (at least that has been my experience).

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