[Tig] Digi 4 Pulse generator card

Bill Topazio BTopazio at company3.com
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As I recall, last time Houllahan was in town we had a category for
Guinness.  And one for Bass too, and Smithwicks.  So nothing new there.

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On Apr 9, 2008, at 12:04 AM, Robert Houllahan wrote:

> On an off note I just transfered 30flats (mostly 1200') of Super16
> footage that I shot for a feature I am co producing in NY with another
> 60 or 70 flats to go... Any colorists ever shoot and then color the
> dailies on a feature project or am I just the stupidest thing you ever
> heard of?  ;-)

Hi Rob,

30 flats eh, 36000 feet, with 72000 to 84000 feet to go.   you're  
treading new ground, as the Director Who Shot The Most 16mm Footage  
Who Then Graded The Dailies.   This is a new category for Guinness.   
Now, if you can be The Director Who Shot The Most 16mm Footage Who  
Then Graded The Dailies and Then Graded The Final Transfer, well then  
you'd be totally immortal.

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