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     Hi Peter,
CSI is color corrected by our two time award winning Da Vinci Master
Colorist Paul Westerbeck. They still prefer to shoot on 35mm film and
then we transfer it on a Spirit and then color correct on a Da Vinci 2K.
Paul said the only difference was it was a short turn around and the
show had to be Satellited to make delivery. Perhaps the playback
operators at the Satellite center were suffering from a BREE experiment?

Are you going to be performing any BREE experiments at NAB?


Bob Wilson
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I know it is a long time since I communicated here. Have been busied
elsewhere!   It's good to be back.

Last night I watched on UK Freeview Digital TV, the latest CSI: Crime
Investigation series, well latest to the UK.
I know I am only watching SD TV,  RGB component, on 16:9  32" CRT, but
quality was atrocious. 
I switched between Terrestrial Digital, Satellite Digital and
Analog, All looked the same (Of course the PAL analog lost some detail
Is it still shot on film, if so, how was it transferred. I only ask
it looked like

1)      The gamma was set to crush everything into the lowlights
2)      The blacks were lifted to a muddy grey, seemed to get worse as
program proceeded. 
3)      There was no real detail in any scenes, very plastic skin tones.
4)      On ANY movement ALL detail vanished.
5)      Flare from highlights looked as though the camera lenses
had been greased

Looked to me as though it had been through a noise reducer where all
controls were cranked to maximum..

The subsequent program, a previous series of CSI: Miami, looked it's
vibrant, sharp, detailed, good tonal rendition, Colors oversaturated
somewhat, but I know that's the series "look".

Anyone else noticed this.

Is this a new style, appropriately honed for transmitting to mobile

Or is it that I have over BRRE'd and my visual cortex is failing!



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