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Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us
Wed Apr 9 17:36:14 BST 2008

On Wed, 9 Apr 2008, Peter Swinson wrote:
> I know it is a long time since I communicated here. Have been busied
> elsewhere!   It's good to be back.
> Last night I watched on UK Freeview Digital TV, the latest CSI: Crime Scene
> Investigation series, well latest to the UK.
> I know I am only watching SD TV,  RGB component, on 16:9  32" CRT, but the
> quality was atrocious.

Welcome to modern times.  Just this morning I was reading an editorial 
in EE Times (a trade magazine for electrical engineers) which 
described how video and audio quality is rapidly degrading.  It is not 
just people in the business who are noticing these atrocities.

It seems that quite often video quality is intentionally degraded 
(e.g. for major feature films) but there is not much reason to degrade 
CSI except to free up some some bandwidth for yet another Pay Per View 
(PPV) channel.

Considering the fine work done by colorists on this list, I think that 
it must take someone with a seriously flawed character (perhaps more 
suited to working as a salesman at a used car lot) to knowingly 
broadcast such a corrupt version.  Such people should immediately exit 
the industry and take up a job at the used car lot or selling life 

As more "HD" channels are added, I notice that overall quality is 
reduced.  While HD channels are added, the number of SD channels does 
not seem to diminish.  Instead new and existing HD channels are 
further compressed so that the result is like a poor-quality DVD and 
sometimes as bad as VHS. Only a few channels seem to survive unscathed 
as a reminder to us what "HD" actually looks like.

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