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Dominic Case cased at atlab.com.au
Thu Apr 10 01:16:30 BST 2008

>From Peter S: >Or is it that I have over BRRE'd and my visual cortex is
>From Bob Wilson: >Are you going to be performing any BREE experiments at
>From Peter S: >I won't be BBREing at NAB but may well be doing same here in
the UK,if the weather ever warms up.

Bbbrrreeeee!  It must be freezing over there.  Either that, or the Bubble
Rate Rise Experiment has become the Bubble Rate Exhaustion Experiment, and
then the Bubble Bursting Rate Experiment.

Sorry! Nothing useful to add about CSI, muddy blacks  or Readers' Digest
compression standards (great analogy btw, Rob). 

Except that it seems that BRRE is a _compressed_ form of Bubble Rate Rise
Experiment, and this thread is an example of the ease with which data can be
corrupted when compression has eliminated all redundancy. Perhaps it's
worthy of an episode of CSI in itself. Here's the corpse of last week's
episode, get your torches out and look for evidence of degraded transmission

Dominic Case
Atlab Australia

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