[Tig] Ikegami FED prototype at NAB2008

Mark Quod markq at primepost.com
Wed Apr 16 18:29:20 BST 2008

I just got back from NAB. I saw the prototype FED monitor display at 
the FED booth  (not sure of the booth number but it was in the back of 
the south hall downstairs.) I was quite impressed.  Side by side it 
looked very close to the Sony CRT display, except with the geometry and 
sharpness of an LCD.  Actually it looked a bit sharper than LCD 
because, if I understand correctly, it actually displays interlaced 
fields like or similar to conventional CRT displays, so there is no 
blurring of moving objects as fields are blended.  Blacks looked very 
rich in their darkened booth, but did seem to pick up ambient light 
outside on the floor--not unlike most CRT's.  They only had a 20" 
display and it wasn't yet full HD resolution, only 1280 x 960.  It 
still looked quite sharp, however.  I also did notice a slight color 
difference which could have been a calibration issue, but the FED 
looked a bit richer to my eyes. It will be interesting to see where 
this leads.

Mark Quod

On Apr 15, 2008, at 1:37 AM, glenn chan wrote:

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> For anyone who is at NAB, they might be interested in checking out the
> Ikegami FED prototype at C-4228.
> My notes on it:
> -Ikegami has a CRT sitting beside the FED prototype.  The blacks on 
> the FED
> prototype look better than the CRT as it doesn't appear to suffer as 
> much
> from flaring in the glass of the monitor.
> It has better blacks than a CRT (!).
> -To my eyes, looks slightly sharper than the CRT.  It has a full HD 
> pixel
> structure so it should be no surprise.  Geometry would be perfect and 
> corner
> performance doesn't suffer.
> - Color close to the CRT sitting beside it but not 100% exactly the 
> same.
> This is likely because it's a prototype and they didn't bother 
> matching the
> color.  Native transfer function/gamma of the FED is slightly 
> different, and
> the phosphors are different.
> - No price, not shipping, may be at least 2 years out.
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