[Tig] visit_ka and test chart

Nils Lind Petersen DR TES Service Broadcast nlp at dr.dk
Mon Apr 21 08:56:42 BST 2008

hi Rob

Thanks for drawing attention to my web-page from Knud Arne's place.
I've never seen anything like this, both messy and facinating.  - but  
I think he need some help in getting it organized ;-)

About test charts, I've found it is also good to have small (2 %  
greystep) level changes between 90-100%;
and some long and thin diagonal lines too. Some artifacts are revealed  
on flat-screen monitors with this.

It is also not too difficult to make a slow rotating thin line with  
the daVinci disolve,
and often the deflection-linearity show very less than perfect.

best wishes

ps: you can post this to TIG if you find it usefull.

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