[Tig] Holographic Drive at NAB

Jeff Kreines jeffkreines at mindspring.com
Mon Apr 21 19:44:58 BST 2008

On Apr 21, 2008, at 1:26 PM, Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
> Second two numbers are speculative but intended to illustrate the
> question: "What is the meaning of life?".

Exactly the point I've been making to others.  I think it's a clever  
system, and once they scale up capacity it may be pretty exciting.   
But unless it catches on (chicken and egg) one might find, in  
10-20-50 years) that one has perfectly readable media with no device  
to read it in!

Right now I still recommend (despite the painfully slow speed) copies  
on at least two LTO 3/4 tapes, to be stored in separate locations.   
Cost for LTO-3 tape is about $35 for 400 GB uncompressed.  Of course  
you need to migrate it every 5 years or so, but at least autoloaders  
will help with that task.

Makes storing B&W film look almost simple!  Of course, that's what  
they said about safety film before vinegar syndrome...

Jeff "data wrangling is a PITA" Kreines

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