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On Apr 21, 2008, at 11:40 AM, Rob Lingelbach wrote:

> There must be people working on this, at the least drawing up some
> standards, at the major film archives around the world, and I can
> think of two in the US that should be intimately involved: The Library
> of Congress and the UCLA Film Archives (the 2 biggest in the
> States).   Is anyone here on the TIG free to comment on the current
> situation for archiving, or the future-current, tidal current, or
> incipient tsunami of archiving technology?
> --
> Rob Lingelbach

There is an ongoing discussion about what media (or should that be  
"mediums") to use for Archiving that pops up from time to time on the  
AMIA list (Association of Moving Image Archvists) when people ask  
"What should I use."

Go to http://www/amianet.org, then click on the participate tab, and  
then the AMIA-L link.

Two frequent participants are Jim Lindner of SAMMA Systems (and  
former owner of Vidipax, NYC) and Jim Wheeler, a former Ampex Quad  
era engineer and now a consultant.

Lindner advocates transferring tapes to digital, and ultimately  
backing up on LTO tapes.

Wheeler advocates transferring to mirrored hard drives and shelving  

Both acknowledge the need for migration (and keeping hardware  
available and working for the migration process.)

The Library of Congress is using the SAMMA system for cassette-based  

Reels of tape are something else.

In that vein, the informal lunch for Old VTR/Editor/Telecine users- 
former users/maintainers/collectors I  organized on Tuesday at NAB  
drew people with an interesting collection of experiences and interests.

It included the two people who head the film and video end of things  
at the Library of Congress.  Their presence changed the outcome of  
the gathering.

Most of those present have heavy-duty experience with Quad videotape.

The group has been asked by the LoC to share some of that experience  
with others so that the huge amount of Quad archives there and  
elsewhere can be migrated to newer media.

See post to follow Subject line:
Recap: Informal NAB Lunch for OldVTR/Editor/Telecine users/ 

No connection to the manufacturers or other people named.


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