[Tig] Recap: Informal NAB Lunch for OldVTR/Editor/Telecine users/maintainers/collectors

Ted Langdell ted at tedlangdell.com
Mon Apr 21 22:47:42 BST 2008

Re: Informal NAB Tuesday lunch of Old VTR/Editor/Telecine users,  
fixers, collectors:

What started out as a purely social affair led to the group being  
invited to help preserve for future use and access, the operating,  
maintenance, design and modification knowledge relating to Quad tape.

This came from comments (passionate plea, actually) of Stephen Nease,  
the Chief Technology Officer at the Library of Congress' new National  
Audio Visual Conservation Center in Culpeper, VA. Nease heard about  
the lunch during a morning business breakfast and cancelled an  
appointment to attend.

He is seeking assistance from those present (and TIG members) to help  
the Library  recover the programs from its HUGE collection of Quad  
tape and the content in other archives.

Steve explained what the LoC was sitting on, and need for the  
experience and knowledge of people like in this group to be passed on  
to younger people so that the knowledge of how to recover the content  
is not lost.

(Take "this group" to mean both those at the lunch, on this list, and  
others who have quad operating, maintenance and design experience.)

LoC may have funding available for travel expenses for those  
interested in presenting at workshops hosted at the new Culpeper  

•Bob Campbell, Colorist, Walnut Creek, CA, long-time telecine going  
back to RCA TP-series and Quad at locations including Optimus,  
Chicago, One Pass, San Francisco, Editel, SF, LA, etc.,
•David Crosthwait of DC Video in Burbank, CA, Archival Videotape  
Remastering, linear and non-linear editor, formerly at Modern Film,  
NBC, Burbank, etc.,
•William "Bill" Clark, Boulder City, NV, Long-time Quad VT engineer,  
NBC, Burbank, Metromedia, Hollywood, CA, etc.,
•C. Park Seward of Video Park in Irvine, long time editor, production  
co. owner, equipment collector/restorer
•Eduardo "Lalo" Zanetta, "The Quad Guy" precision head builder at  
Video Magnetics in Colorado Springs,
•Stephen W. Nease, Jr. CTO, LoC National Audio Visual Conservation  
Center, Culpeper, VA
•Kenneth S. Weissman, Head, Motion Picture Conservation Center,  
Library of Congress, Dayton, OH and Culpeper, VA
•James Snyder, Senior Design Engineer, Communications Engineering,  
Inc, Newington, VA, which has contract with LoC (Quad collector,  
donated machines to LoC)
•Tim Stoffel, Asst. Chief Engineer, KNPB, Reno, NV, long time Quad  
user/maintainer/collector/restorer, Google "Quadruplex Park,"
•Bob Campbell, Colorist, Walnut Creek, CA, long-time telecine going  
back to Quad at locations including Optimus, Chicago, One Pass, San  
Francisco, Editel, SF, LA, etc.,
•Ted Langdell, Ted Langdell Creative Broadcast Services, Marysville,  
CA, prod. co. owner, film, tape and non-linear editor, telecine and  
1" Type C machine and content collector

We missed these people:
My apologies to the half-dozen or so (including DuArt NYC Chief  
Engineer Maurice Schecter) who gathered in the front of the food  
court on Tuesday at NAB... and then couldn't find the table we were at.

We WOULD like to know who you are. Please e-mail me off list.

If TIG members with Quad chops are interested in participating,  
please e-mail me, and we will get you connected, too.  Please specify  
connector type, # of pins, male or female, etc... </humor>

Hope you've enjoyed NAB if you were there... and the group that  
attended the lunch had a lot of fun and seems to want to do it again  
next year.

Planning for the location and time of the 2009 informal NAB lunch is  
going on now. Suggestions for improvements are welcome.

The group may (need to also) meet for a working dinner during NAB to  
enable a more focused discussion on the subject of Quad Videotape  
archiving and migration.

Links to lunch pictures to follow in a separate posts later this  
week. (Playing catchup at the office today!)

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