[Tig] Holographic Drive at NAB

TSassoon at aol.com TSassoon at aol.com
Tue Apr 22 01:41:22 BST 2008

In a message dated 4/21/08 11:30:18 AM, bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us writes:

> Digital storage technologies have a limited life span, and the
> limiting factor is rarely the stability of the storage media.

I have a stack of Pinnacle 4GB MO's that are quite archival, except that the 
drive is SCSI-2, there hasn't been a usable driver since Mac OS8, company out 
of business, etc. Not sure why I haven't thrown them all in the trash. I think 
I'd actually find it easier to read stuff off a SyQuest 45MB.

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