[Tig] More 888 questions from the museum at Cinelab

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I forgot to mention that holding down the CTRL key during power-on
initialization should write an ASCII sequence to every character position in
every display.


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Hi TK peeps..

Ok so I have hooked up the 888 and two things,

1. when  turn on the panels should I get some kind of display info on  
the Soft/Trackball panels? I get the following on the Keyboard:

2mhz KBD Prom version 14.1 Checksum=E129

But nothing on the other two panels...

Then I boot the chassis and I get the system will start shortly and  
the monitor says V1.3 and Regulus 4.2E

So I made a user (rob) and it boots and after a bit I get a stuck key  
error on the Soft panel (SOFT: 13) and neither the Soft panel nor the  
Trackball panel have anything in the Fluro displays..


Robert Houllahan
rob at cinelab.com
Vp Cinelab Inc.

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