[Tig] Solitaire Cine V CRT problem.

Simon Burley simon at rpsfilmimaging.co.uk
Tue Apr 29 10:38:23 BST 2008

Craig.Dingwall at nfsa.afc.gov.au wrote:

> Hi all,
> was wondering if anyone has information regarding the "Solitaire Cine V". 
> Our CRT won't illuminate, yet no error message are displayed addressing 
> the problem. If anyone can point us in the right direction or know of a 
> service manual we can download, it would be much appreciated.

If the front panel won't illuminate, and you get no power-on 'beep' then 
the switched mode psu has failed.

If you do get front panel illumination and the power on tests run to 
completion and the machine calibrates then you have a working machine.
Something else is wrong (you are sending 12 bit luts but you are sending 
only an 8 bit image, for eg)

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