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Michael Bittle mlbnyc at verizon.net
Wed Apr 30 15:05:04 BST 2008

Unfortunately, once large enough sums of money are involved, many  
people loose sight of the fact that "gear" assets tend to loose  
financial value over time, while "people" assets tend to gain  
financial value over time. Coaxing maximum return out of "gear"  
assets is mostly a game of brains and a bit of brawn.  Coaxing  
maximum return out of "people" assets requires heart, something not  
easily understood, much less shared.

... and, it goes without saying, this is not an industry specific  


On Apr 29, 2008, at 6:42 PM, Craig Fearing wrote:
> Of course we need dedicated "bean counters" too, but hats off to  
> those who
> recognize the value of the breathing assets over the ones that are  
> bought
> off the shelves, or from the display halls in Las Vegas or Amsterdam.

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