[Tig] NTSC to PAL-M

Gustavo Gaiarsa gustavo at finaliza.art.br
Fri Aug 1 22:57:25 BST 2008


PAL-M is only used for broadcasting at the TV stations, there's no  
post-production in PAL-M because although it is called "PAL"-M it's a  
525 lines 29,97 fps system, so it's very close to NTSC, that's why all  
SD post-production is made in NTSC systems. In fact PAL-M is a  
different version of NTSC.

There should be no problem with "NTSC" HDCam, if by that you mean  
59,94 or 23,98 framerates.

I know you understand portuguese so I'm sending you a link that  
explains how PAL-M works:



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