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Marc Wielage mfw at musictrax.com
Fri Aug 1 23:34:28 BST 2008

On 8/1/08 12:59 PM, "beau tardy" <beautardy at yahoo.com> wrote:
Noted writer (and Emmy award-winning engineer) Mark Schubin has covered this
issue many times in his columns in VIDEOGRAPHY magazine.

I think the basic deal is that 24fps is more suited to dramatic productions,
because it has a kind of an "unreal" quality to it.  On some gut level,
we're so accustomed to seeing feature films at this rate, our brains kick in
and say, "hey -- this is a movie."

But when we see 30fps, the same part of our brains say, "ah -- this is a TV
show."  Or at least a live event, a documentary... something that's supposed
to mirror reality.

I think there was a discussion here on the group a couple of years back when
MTV inexplicably chose to air an award show shot in 24p.  I saw bits and
pieces of it, and I had to admit, the 24fps frame rate kind of detracted
from the "live event" nature of the show.

I think 24fps and 30fps are each suited to different things.  If it's a
corporate video conference, then I'd say 30fps/60i makes more sense.  If
it's a drama or a comedy, or a commercial, then I think 24fps is more

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