[Tig] RES: NTSC to PAL-M

Rogério Moraes rogerito at terra.com.br
Sat Aug 2 00:03:59 BST 2008

If I´m not mistaken, the conversion only happens when transmitting the
signal (over the air). Al decks, players recorder and cameras work on  
(SD) and HD (like an HDCAM) running at 29.97i, or 24psf. So I don´t  
there are expenses for that, since this is a matter that the  
companies deal with. The open broadcast companies are now living a
transition period from the analog PAL_M system to the new SBTVD digital
signal, broadcasting SD digital signals in NTSC and HDTV 1080i (the  
standard is derived from the Japanese ISDB standard). But still  
the PAL-M analog signal, to analog tvs sets. The digital signal is only
avaible in two capitals for now. In the case of an HDCAM, I´m not really
sure on how the broadcasting companies deal with it, but shouldn't be a
Anyway, this is with a big " I think..." in the beginning, since I don't
work in a broadcasting company.

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