[Tig] HDCAM SR 23.976 to PAL Downconvert Question

Agustin Goya | Wancamp agustingoya at wancamp.com.ar
Mon Aug 4 15:30:32 BST 2008

Hi TIGers!We've been asked to do our first HDCAM SR delivery for a big
studio. They sent us all the specs for each SD master, PAL and NTSC, but
there's one spec I find confusing.
On PAL Downconverts coming  from HDCAM SR @ 23.976fps, they ask for:

PAL 4X3:

   Pulldown= 2:2

   Video Input= 1920X 1080 (23.98 psf)

   Video Output= 720 X 576I 23.98 HZ (?????)

   *See chart for horizontal & vertical zooms & crops

   Audio= (same as NTSC)

   Set-up= T.C. Input Ext. = On

       D.F.= Off

       Output Ext. LTC= Off

       D.F. Mode Auto

What I don't understand is the Video Output frequency. If I'm not mistaken
2:2 pulldown will make video playback 4.1% faster, so there's no way the
Video Output could be 23.98HZ.

Any Help with this will be very appreciated.


Agustin Goya


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