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beau tardy beautardy at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 4 22:15:53 BST 2008

Thanks for all your responses to my initial post.  It still seems to me that 245p really only makes sense when going to projected film.  Marc Wielage noted that

>>I think the basic deal is that 24fps is more suited to dramatic productions, because it has a kind of an "unreal" quality to it.  On some gut level, we're so accustomed to seeing feature films at this rate, our brains kick in and say, "hey -- this is a movie." 

I would argue that the reason it looks ok in film is that we watch films projected on a large screen.  Film is a mechanical medium with light projected thru it, whereas TV and computer monitors are electronic media and have light beaming at us.  This fundamental difference between the mediums is what in my opinion accounts for the difference in perception when watching 24p projected as opposed to beamed on a monitor.  If you watch a film heavy on special effects note the difference between how it looks in the theatre and how it looks on TV.  On TV it often looks fake. 

Beau Tardy/

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