[Tig] (OT ) IBC Digs

Craig craig at optimus.com
Tue Aug 5 21:42:45 BST 2008

Hello all -

Kind of in a bind -

Made some last minute plans to go to IBC, apartment I wanted fell 
through. Anyone have a line on an available 2 bedroom apartment in 
Amsterdam Sept 10 - 17 ??  I've got a few on the line just now, but I 
thought I would throw it out there. I'm sure some of you have friends 
with nicer places.. there's just 2 of us, and we're boring.... Stopped 
trashing rooms back in the 80's when it was cool.

Sorry to be off-topic, just need a hand... should one of you feel 

Happy Knob Twiddling and Ball Twisting, and Panel tapping and all that !!

See you ( hopefully )  at IBC ...

Craig Leffel

( Yes, the pain in the ass )

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