[Tig] Fwd: HDCAM SR 23.976 to PAL Downconvert Question

Agustin Goya | Wancamp agustingoya at wancamp.com.ar
Wed Aug 6 14:10:24 BST 2008

Hi Joe! Yes, it's very confusing.
I've been told that the specs are reffered to the setting of the panasonic
Maybe inside this equipment this settings are possible. I've downloaded the
User manual og UFC-1800 and the pull-down options are None, 2:2, and 3:2.
What I need to find now is what is the difference between None and 2:2 in
the UFC-1800 with 23.98 input and 25 output. I think that the 23.98 output
rate must be a mistake.

I don't have acces to such device and thik I'll never have in Argentina, so
maybe someone from the list could tell me it the 2:2 pulldown is the usual
1frame=2fields resulting in a 4.1% speed up.

I've also checked what greg fisher sent but i can achieve that from the DS
where the grading will be made. Once inside DS there's very easy to create a
new sequence with different framerate and do a frame to frame virtual
"Telecine" from the original sequence.

Thanks for your help,

Agustin Goya

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