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Craig Leffel craig at optimus.com
Thu Aug 7 14:51:24 BST 2008

Quoting Laurence Claydon <Laurence.Claydon at deluxedigital.co.uk>

>> 'Doozy'='Duesey'='Duesenberg'. 
>> Expensive American Automobile of the 1930's, notably the model J. 
>> Probably a good thing in my limited englishmans' understanding of the
>> parlance....

I did think about the car as I wrote, but I didn't mean it that way -

I think I meant it in the way OSX defined it; Unique, "special", different.
However, my understanding and use of that word also connotates the idea that
while this upcoming work arena might be special and unique, it could also be an
extreme headache and require lots of digestive aids.....

Have you ever finished a job that kicked your ass and was incredibly painful,
but everyone was happy and the work was Awesome? THAT's a DOOZY of a session.

Like I said, Strap in, this flight to paradise is gonna be bumpy... or so I think. 

( BTW, I always think about "Work Years" as September - September for some
reason... January has nothing to do with a New Year for me... except nice parties ).

Regards all - 

Craig Leffel
Senior Colorist

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