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Terry Lockhart terry at finishedit.com
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Hi Ted:

Yes, we have the UDCSN model, with all the trimmings. NR works pretty  
well, if you can take the point of view of a point and shoot camera  
user. Three overall levels of reduction, no threshold or other fine  
tweaks. There is also a setting to optimize process parameters for  
frame-based(film) or interlaced (video) material. To quote form the  
manual <http://www.teranex.com/products/Manuals.cfm>:

This Noise Reducer is a motion adaptive temporal recursive filter  
that removes random and
Gaussian noise. Each pixel is labeled as motion, no motion, or noise.  
Each of these classes of
pixels is treated differently in the noise reduction process. For  
pixels in which there is no
motion, low-level Gaussian noise may be reduced via temporal  
processing by a weighted
averaging over successive frames. For pixels labeled as random noise,  
spatial processing
replaces these pixels. Pixels labeled as being ‘in motion’ are  
retained unchanged to avoid
artifacts may be introduced through temporal processing.
- Off: Disables the noise reduction filter.
- Low: Enables the Temporal Recursive Filter in the Low Noise Mode.
- Med: Enables the Temporal Recursive Filter in the Medium Noise Mode.
- Hi: Enables the Temporal Recursive Filter in the High Noise Mode.

Also has a split-screen mode for checking the results.

Too bad it only works on 59.94/50 material. If it would just do  
23.98psf I'd be ecstatic. So we have not used it a whole lot for that  
purpose. Another caveat is there is no ability to change aspect  
without changing signal format, ie no 480-->480, 720-->720, 1080-- 
 >1080.  This seems really stupid to me, but I'm sure they have some  
reason other than oversight. NR, enhance, and proc amp do work  
without format change, though.

All things considered, I think the Mini is a good value quality wise,  
but not a flexible as the less expensive AJA box.


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