[Tig] fleshtone unification

Richard Kirk richard at filmlight.ltd.uk
Sun Aug 10 10:26:14 BST 2008

I have never thought of this before. I guess if you have an Ethiopian and
a Swede talking together in a flim, then it must be hard to grade so you
can see both of their expressions at once. Having seen stuck at the IBC
stand last year and force-red clips of "The Last King of Scotland", I did
notice that Idi Amin tended to go "all teeth and boogly eyes" particularly
with the flare in the exhibition hall.

Weirdly enough, I was trying to do something slightly different but along
the same lines - I was trying to reconstruct lighting cues from
fleshtones. I am not at work, so I don't have all the references to hand,
but Have a look at...


More or less, you start with the Caucasian flesh reflectance spectrum,
which is a tricky, metameric colourm and add the chosen amount of
melatonin - which has a fairly continuous spectrum - over the top. In
theory, at least, it should be possible to squeeze all fleshtones into a
smaller band, until you hit the signal to noise ratio in the blue channel.
This would be a weird 3D correction, and I cannot easily predict what it
would do to other colors (oranges, wood colours). But it ought to be
possible to do it and preserve the shadows and shading within the face.

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